Planned blog entries

Below are some of my planned blog posts. Help me prioritize by letting me know if you find anything in partciular extra interesting, or if the list is missing something of interest.

  • Facebook applications – the perfect match for Windows Azure (Completed)
  • Application architecture for Am I Interesting
  • Session state in Azure AppFabric Cache
  • SQL Azure and/or Azure Table Storage?
  • Generic class to work with Azure Table Storage
  • Using own property names instead of PartitionKey and RowKey
  • Adding a certificate for SSL/HTTPS
  • Using a Web Role background thread to host a worker process
  • Using Azure Queues for async processing
  • Exponential back-off polling of queues
  • Dirty way of realizing transactions over SQL Azure and Azure Table Storage
  • Retrying SQL Azure connections
  • Repository interface for unit testing
  • Using a Startup Task to avoid IIS Idle Timeout
  • Activating diagnostics (event logs, trace logs and performance counters)
  • Using log4net for trace logging
  • Operating cost as a new parameter for product owners to prioritize development

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